Test Shoot with BMG and some thoughts

A few weeks ago I had my first shoot with my modeling agency. As i’m writing this i’m prepping for another casting, but I never really wrote about how I felt anywhere.


I’m excited and floored that I have the opportunity to work with professionals in such a big industry. I follow the whole team who worked with me on Instagram, they’re all so nice and amazing…I look up to them a lot. The team effort is what matters in the end, I feel like when you think of modeling you think of some fancy girl prancing around in a fur coat as people serve her. But it’s about the team, I wouldn’t be where I am without the agents, I wouldn’t look like that without the hair and makeup artists, etc. models are only a fraction of the team, and they wouldn’t be anything without the rest of said team.


I could go on forever about how positive this is for me and how much I love it but i’m going to put the passion into the work instead of rambling (for your sake). Here’s to new adventures though!



I Graduated!

IMG_20170516_093113_139I can sit down and write paragraphs and just say oh my god high school SUCKED that was so lame dude whatever but it didn’t bother me all that much. Part of me thinks I could’ve been more involved, maybe I should’ve gone to graduation, maybe I should’ve talked to more people. But in the end I don’t have that many regrets because I had a little bit of fun anyway and I was ready to move on from the experience since my junior year. I can’t say I had a terrible time, the academics were OKAY but I wanted to learn more about real life stuff considering the fact that I might be doing taxes early as heck in my lifetime.

I do not wish to pursue further education, mostly because my passions lead me to model and entertainment, and to those of you that simply congratulated me on my contract with BMG without challenging me as to why i’m not going to college- THANK YOU.  I feel the excitement and fear that comes with the real world and I enjoy it. I want to thank all my friends that are with me still and the people that follow my all-over-the-place instagram. Hopefully this next chapter in my life is fun, and if you’re in the class of 2017 also, I hope the next chapter in your life is fun too!