Test Shoot with BMG and some thoughts

A few weeks ago I had my first shoot with my modeling agency. As i’m writing this i’m prepping for another casting, but I never really wrote about how I felt anywhere.


I’m excited and floored that I have the opportunity to work with professionals in such a big industry. I follow the whole team who worked with me on Instagram, they’re all so nice and amazing…I look up to them a lot. The team effort is what matters in the end, I feel like when you think of modeling you think of some fancy girl prancing around in a fur coat as people serve her. But it’s about the team, I wouldn’t be where I am without the agents, I wouldn’t look like that without the hair and makeup artists, etc. models are only a fraction of the team, and they wouldn’t be anything without the rest of said team.


I could go on forever about how positive this is for me and how much I love it but i’m going to put the passion into the work instead of rambling (for your sake). Here’s to new adventures though!